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“Larry’s Country Diner” can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. On YouTube traditional country music fans can watch musical performances by more than 300 guests who have visited The Diner. Full episodes are available on RFD TV, Country Road TV and other channels. Hundreds of songs from the show are available for download from a variety of music streaming platforms. Articles and interviews from Country Reunion Magazine can be read by clicking the magazine. We hope you’ll feel welcome at The Diner, no matter where you find us.

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Larry’s Country Diner – where the cameras are always rolling, and we don’t care!

“Larry’s Country Diner” – A  Musical Feast Wrapped in Nostalgia

Step into the charming world of “Larry’s Country Diner,” a television show that became a cherished retreat for lovers of country music and good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

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Launched in 2009, this delightful show was the brainchild of veteran radio personality Larry Black, who took audiences on a unique journey through the heart of country culture.

The Diner wasn’t a brick-and-mortar establishment. Instead, it existed on a soundstage, skillfully crafted to mimic a down-home eatery. Yet, for the dedicated studio audience, it felt like stepping into a rural haven where the aroma of pie and coffee lingered in the air.

The show’s distinctive non-stop filming style added a layer of authenticity, capturing the entire episode seamlessly. The performances by the guest artists, ranging from bluegrass to country gospel to traditional country, were the undeniable highlights. These musicians not only graced The Diner with their tunes but also engaged in captivating and often humorous conversations with the cast.

“Larry’s Country Diner” wasn’t just about the music; it was a community. The inclusion of cherished and carefully chosen sponsors as part of the show turned commercial breaks into intimate moments of sharing. These sponsors became an integral part of the extended Diner family, sharing anecdotes about their businesses, products, and even personal updates.

Over the course of 360+ episodes taped between 2009 and 2022, the show became a cultural phenomenon, fostering a sense of connection among its viewers. As the music flowed and the conversations unfolded, the cast and advertisers became more than faces on screen – they became family.

A Sweet Farewell

The show’s final episode in 2022 marked the end of an era, but “Larry’s Country Diner” lives on through syndication. It continues to captivate audiences on platforms like, RFDTV and others.

The music, a cherished aspect of the show, can be enjoyed on various streaming services, while countless performances have found a home on YouTube.

As we look back on “Larry’s Country Diner,” we celebrate its role in revitalizing careers, preserving musical legacies and creating a timeless space where the love for country music and storytelling thrived.

Though the diner wasn’t a physical place, its impact was undeniably real to millions of YouTube subscribers, weekly viewers and the stars whose melodies and stories echoed through its walls.

Rhonda Vinson

Music by Land and Sea

“Larry’s Country Diner” didn’t confine itself to a studio. The cast took the show each fall to Branson, a mecca for country music fans. Many of the “Larry’s Country Diner” favorites “like Rhonda Vincent, pictured above) met Larry and the cast there for series of live shows that were always sold out.

Another fan-favorite activity was the “Larry’s Country Diner” cruise, during which beloved stars performed for fans and engaged with them personally at several private events.

Meet Our Cast

The magic unfolded at “Larry’s Country Diner” as Larry Black, alongside his esteemed cast, played host to an array of country music guests. At the heart of The Diner’s charisma was the cast, featuring legendary Grand Ole Opry announcer Keith Bilbrey, multi-talented musician Jimmy Capps, humorous church lady Nadine and ever-smiling waitress Renea.

Together, they created an atmosphere that resonated with warmth, humor and genuine camaraderie.We’re just like family at The Diner. Learn a little more about us here…not that we hold back much on the show!

Larry Black

Larry Black, born in 1945 and raised in Mobile, Alabama, is a multifaceted entertainer who began his career as a disc jockey. His popular “Larry Black Show” once graced the airwaves of 125 radio stations across the country.

He later transitioned into acting, appearing in films like “Ernest Goes to Camp,” “Ernest Scared Stupid,” “October Sky,” and “Pure Country 2: The Gift,” along with television series like “I’ll Fly Away” and “In the Heat of the Night.”

Black currently resides near Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s been involved in various creative ventures. He created and produced the “Country’s Family Reunion” concert series, showcasing country music legends.

From 2009 to 2022, he hosted his own television show, “Larry’s Country Diner,” a charming variety program featuring down-home entertainment with fellow local artists like Keith Bilbrey, “Sheriff” Jimmy Capps, Renae the waitress and Nadine the church lady.

Throughout its run, numerous country music stars, both established and newcomers, graced “The Diner” with their musical talents, creating a warm and inviting platform for entertainment and community.

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Keith Bilbrey

Keith Bilbrey is a pillar of the Nashville music scene, known for his rich baritone voice and decades of work in radio, television, and the legendary Grand Ole Opry. Born in Cookeville, Tennessee in 1952, Bilbrey’s passion for radio began early, and he obtained his broadcast license at the tender age of 14. This dedication led him to Nashville in 1974, where he started as a substitute announcer for WSM-FM before quickly becoming a full-time disc jockey on both WSM’s FM and AM stations.

Bilbrey’s talent and drive allowed him to conquer every time slot at WSM, cementing his place as a beloved personality and iconic station voice. His career highlights include being announcer for the Grand Ole Opry from 1982 to 2009, introducing countless country music legends to the stage; hosting of TNN’s “Grand Ole Opry Live,” bringing the Opry’s magic to television audiences nationwide; weatherman on the top-rated “Ralph Emery Morning Show” on WSM-TV for 24 years; announcer and sidekick to Larry Black on the popular syndicated series “Larry’s Country Diner,” adding charm and wit to the down-home variety show; and announcer for “Music City Roots,” a live weekly radio and TV show showcasing Americana music talent.

Beyond his impressive resume, Bilbrey’s genuine warmth and engaging personality have earned him a devoted fan base. He is known for his infectious enthusiasm, quick wit, and deep knowledge of country music history.

Whether gracing the Opry stage, announcing live shows, or entertaining audiences on television, Keith Bilbrey remains a vital force in the country music world. His rich voice, dedication to his craft, and genuine love for music continue to inspire and entertain generations of listeners and viewers.

Larry Black cartoon character drawing

Renea the Waitress

Renae Johnson, the charismatic “Waitress” on “Larry’s Country Diner,” appears in all 360 episodes, quietly serving up slices of pie, Springer Mountain chicken and a cup of coffee to “Diner” guests.

Before immersing herself in Larry Black’s production company, Gabriel Communications, in 1998, Johnson soared to new heights—literally. Her previous life as a flight attendant for America West Airlines/US Airways saw her serving not just meals, but dreams, at 40,000 feet in the air. This chapter in her life set the stage for the enthusiasm she brought to her role as Renea the Waitress

Beyond the diner, she has emerged as a prolific author, crafting narratives that resonate with traditional country music enthusiasts. Her literary creations, available on, include titles like “Diary of a TV Waitress,” providing readers with a backstage pass to the vibrant world of Larry’s Country Diner. Other works such as “Precious Memories, Legacy” and “Precious Memories, Memorial” delve into the heart of country music’s rich history, preserving its cherished moments for generations to come.

Not one to shy away from diverse topics, she explores the fascinating realm of celebrity resting places in “Cemeteries of the Stars.” In her book “What Happened to the Diner? 2009-2022,” Renae unfolds the captivating saga of the diner’s evolution, offering fans an insider’s perspective on the show’s journey. 

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Nadine, the sharp-tongued church lady on “Larry’s Country Diner,” delivers weekly doses of humor with down-home wisdom and a touch of sass. Known for her hilarious takes on church events and signs, she adds a unique spark to the show’s variety format.

While Nadine frequently teases Larry, Keith, Renae, the Sheriff and even visiting country music legends, her playful jabs are always good-natured. Her on-screen interactions with stars like Bill Anderson, Gene Watson, Jimmy Fortune, Larry Gatlin, Exile and others create lighthearted moments that resonate with viewers.

Beyond TV, Nadine’s creator, Mona Brown, draws inspiration from her own church upbringing, injecting authenticity into the character. This genuine connection, along with Nadine’s unwavering faith, resonates with fans, earning her a loyal following.

In 2005, Nadine’s (Brown) faced and overcame a personal battle with breast cancer. This experience added another layer of strength and resilience to the character, further connecting with audiences who shared similar journeys.

Overall, Nadine’s on-screen presence combines humor, faith and a touch of Southern charm, making her a beloved member of “Larry’s Country Diner” family.

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The Sheriff

The late Jimmy Capps, nicknamed the “Master of Smoothness,” was a legendary guitarist who left an indelible mark on the Nashville music scene for more than six decades. To fans of “Larry’s Country Diner,” Capps will be remembered as “The Sheriff,” adding a touch of humor and warmth to the show.

Hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Capps began his musical journey at an early age and quickly established himself as a versatile and skilled guitarist. His exceptional talent caught the attention of legendary artists, leading to collaborations with numerous country music icons such as Elvis Presley, George Jones, Tammy Wynette and Kenny Rogers, among others.

Born May 25, 1939, Capps was one of the most respected figures in the country and gospel music industry. His association with “The Grand Ole Opry” started in 1959, and he became a permanent member of the house band in 1967. Sharing the stage with country music royalty for more than 50 years, Capps became a cherished member of the Opry family, his smooth licks and infectious presence captivating audiences for generations.

In addition to his work on the Opry stage, Capps contributed his musical prowess to countless studio recordings, at one point averaging more than 500 sessions per year, leaving an enduring legacy in the annals of country and gospel music. He played on some of the biggest country hits of the ‘70s and ‘80s, lending his magic to the works of icons like Kenny Rogers (“The Gambler”), George Strait (“Amarillo By Morning”), and Dolly Parton.

Beyond his musical contributions, Capps was admired for his humility, kindness, and dedication to his craft. His passing on June 1, 2020, marked the end of an era, leaving behind a rich musical heritage that continues to resonate with fans of classic country and gospel music.

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