In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, certain luminaries shine brighter than the rest, transcending generations and leaving an enduring mark on the hearts of fans. One such luminary is singer Pat Boone, 89, whose latest music video, “Grits,” is a delight to watch.

Directed by the talented Preston Leatherman for Tuff Contender, the video premiered on, setting the stage for a lively spectacle that now graces YouTube for all to enjoy.

Set against the historic backdrop of the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, Tennessee, the video captures Pat Boone’s spirited line dancing to the infectious track. Complementing the dynamic visuals, the video features the remarkable choreography of Jamie Marshall, known for her exceptional talent and creativity. Joining Marshall on the dance floor are skilled performers from across the Southeast, infusing the performance with their boundless energy and passion.

“Grits” is more than just a song; it’s an ode to the beloved Southern food staple, exalting its virtues and declaring its supremacy over other fancy foods like escargot and pâté. The catchy chorus celebrates growing up in the country, relishing hearty dishes like turnip greens and black-eyed peas, with Boone insisting that nothing compares to the satisfaction of a warm bowl of grits. For those curious about the lyrical prowess behind the track, the “Grits” lyric video is also available for streaming on YouTube.

Penned by Boone himself and produced by Jimmy Nichols and Frank Myers, “Grits” exudes high-energy, with line dancing woven into its very fabric. Adding to the star-studded affair, the song features contributions from country music luminaries such as Ray Stevens, The Gatlin Brothers, Lorrie Morgan, Deborah Allen and Dean Miller, son of the legendary country figure, Roger Miller.

Filming the music video was an experience of pure delight for Boone, who expressed his excitement at bringing the spirit of the song to life visually. Under the skilled direction of Preston Leatherman, line dancing proved to be the perfect complement to the infectious energy of the track. Jamie Marshall’s exceptional talent and creativity added an extra layer of excitement to the video, creating a memorable synergy on screen. The joy of the dancers from across the Southeast coming together for a good time was palpable, radiating through every frame of the video.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Boone runs his own record company, The Gold Label, dedicated to legendary artists with undeniable talent and million-selling gold records to their credit. This illustrious roster includes names like Debby Boone, Glen Campbell, Jack Jones, Cleo Laine, Patti Page, Sha Na Na, The Ventures and Roger Williams, among others. With more than 30 Gold Label albums released to date, the label celebrates its 20th anniversary with unmatched achievements in the industry.

Boone’s multifaceted career is nothing short of remarkable. Rising to fame in the 1950s after winning TV’s first national talent contest, he brought his smooth, wholesome style of music to captivated audiences worldwide. Starring in 26 movies, including hits like “April Love” and “State Fair,” Boone’s talents extend beyond music.

Recently, he showcased his acting prowess in “The Mulligan,” earning the Grace Award for Most Uplifting Performance in Movies at the esteemed Movieguide Awards in Hollywood. Now celebrating his 70th anniversary as an entertainer, Boone continues to charm audiences as the weekly host of his own SiriusXM radio show, “The Pat Boone Hour,” and embarks on a book tour promoting his 28th publication, “IF-The Eternal Choice We All Must Make.”

Boone’s legacy in the music and entertainment realm is firmly cemented, and with “Grits,” he reaffirms his status as a true American treasure. To stay updated on his latest ventures, fans can visit his website and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.